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Quartz is manufactured to match the styles you love.

Quartz Styles

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What is Quartz made of?

Engineered stone is composed of approximately 93% quartz and 7% resin and pigment.

How much does Quartz cost?

Quartz can range from  $62-$110 per sq/ft.  Price is affected by number of cutouts, edge and color selection. Visit with our sales staff to determine an exact price for your kitchen. Prices are subject to change.

Sealing & Maintaining Quartz

Engineered stone is carefree and requires no sealing, buffing, polishing or reconditioning.  Just wipe clean with soap and water and the stone naturally maintains its luster.

Style and pattern consistency.

Since engineered stone is manufactured, any variance in product to sample is nominal.

Preparing Food on Quartz.

Engineered stone is approved by the National Sanitation Federation (NSF) for meeting food preparation standards because it is non-porous and does not support the growth of bacteria, mold or mildew. It is certified for both Splash Zone and Food Zone preparation.

Heat Resistance

Engineered stone is resistant to direct heat exposure up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. It is structurally more resilient to heat than any other stone, including granite. However, all stone can be damaged by sudden and rapid temperature changes, especially near the edges. Therefore, it is recommended to use trivets or hot pads.

Can Quartz stain?

Due to engineered stone’s non-porous surface it will not stain. It has been tested against stains such as wine, food color, fruit juices, liquid food coloring, tea, grapes, paints, nail polish and remover, and permanent markers.

How strong is Quartz?

Engineered stone is scratch resistant and will not be harmed by even the finest cutlery. Engineered stone is a 7 in strength on Moh’s hardness scale (a diamond is a 10, natural granite is a 5). Engineered stone is more resilient to surface damage than any other stone, including granite. However, all stone can be damaged by excessive force or pressure. Generally, only diamonds and quartz itself will scratch engineered stone.

Does Quartz come with a Warranty?

All engineered stone (quartz) manufacturers offer a minimum of a 10-year Warranty.  Cambria does come with a lifetime warranty.


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